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Munch & Company

Colorado legalized marijuana for recreational purposes in 2012, and slowly a demand for marketing services emerged. Brands were becoming more popular and gaining recognition regionally and nationally.  Cannabis brands wanted to connect directly with their consumers outside the means of social media, but navigating city, county, and state regulations was a humongous obstacle due to the complex legal compliance issues surrounding events and conferences.

With a long history in hospitality, marketing, and events his professionalism was sought after in the Colorado market, and so Munch and Co. was started in 2014 by founder Frederic “Freddie” Wyatt.   Munch has set the industry standard when it comes to creating unconventional experiences to increase market reach, all the while remaining legally compliant through cooperation and collaboration.  We challenge the cannabis cultural landscape. 


We Are Cannabis hosPOTality.

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4652 Carmar Drive, Las Vegas, NV 89122


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