About Us

Since its founding in 2014, Munch & Co. has developed consistently with the evolution of state driven cannabis legislation and regulation, always holding our clients and their consumers in the highest regard for brand image while maintaining legal compliance.

Our team brings decades of brand- building experience to the cannabis industry and offers insight of how some of the most iconic, world-renown brands have become a part of their consumers’ daily lives. The Munch & Co. team pulls from their understanding of a multitude of trendsetting industries such as beverage, boutique hotels, fashion, fitness, nightlife, restaurants, and retail to create a full 360-degree experience of hosPOTality™.


Our Mission

Our mission is to assist clients in developing a clear, definitive vision for their cannabis brand, bring their vision to life, elevate consumers’ expectations, and create memories not just moments using our proven strategies, innovative ideas, and professional expertise while being 100% compliant with cannabis consumption regulations.