What is hosPOTality?



1. the friendly and generous reception and entertainment of guests, visitors, or strangers while they partake in any form of cannabis

synonyms: friendliness, peacefulness, welcome, warm reception, warm-heartedness, kindness, kind-heartedness, sociability, cordialty, conviviality, jovialness, gathering, civility, openness

“Munch & Co. is renowned for creating brand experiences with hosPOTality.”


1. the relating to or denoting the business of entertaining cannabis consumers

“the hosPOTality industry”


Upon recreational legalization in Colorado, followed by Washington and Oregon, cannabis tourism boomed. Eager cannabis consumers were visiting dispensaries. Multi-stop cannabis tours were now a thing of the present. The idea of even touring production facilities as if it were a winery or distillery arose. However, outside your home there was no legal space to consume cannabis.What was a tourist to do? And even for a local, where can they go if they want to enjoy cannabis in a social setting?

Public consumption and its regulations are still in question, even after years of debate. Throughout those years, Munch & Co. has dedicated our efforts to creating hosPOTality experiences for cannabis consumers, while serving our clients’ brands and companies. We believe in legal on-premise consumption.

We believe in regulation.
We believe in responsibility.
We believe in a three tier system.
We believe in inclusion and competition.

Prior to cannabis legalization, the Munch & Co. team worked in very competitive, highly regulated industries. Our team has commitments beyond those we hold to our clients. We also remain committed to seeing cannabis enjoyed in the same way those other highly regulated industries are able to and look forward to the day in which regulations have no grey area and clarity is crystal clear.